Beaverton Fall Fair


by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

The Festival Nomad and I love fairs, especially fall fairs!

So when we were invited to visit the Beaverton Fall Fair we immediately said “yes“.

The Fair, which is held each September, offers visitors lots of fun activities and interesting displays.

If you look at the above photo, the expression “the corn is as high as an elephants eye” come to mind! Of course, agricultural fairs are all about farmers and the products they produce, corn, real corn, being one of them!

Fairs are all about kids and fun things to do. Midway rides lead the way!

Agricultural exhibits and displays are very popular, especially if you have a “prize winning” jam or “baked goods” on display!

I always loved games when I went to a fair as a kids. Winning something was the best!

The Beaverton Fair featured a very talented wood carver (chainsaw). His carvings were amazing!

I love horses and at the fair I was able to get “up close and personal“.

There were lots of animals at the fair, including these interesting alpacas.

It was fun walking through the fair grounds exploring all the farm equipment. This row of tractors make a great photo!

The “Lawn Tractor” pull was fun to watch…

… lots of noise!

Maybe I’ll see at one of Ontario’s fabulous agricultural fairs! See if you can find me!

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