Kettleby Fair

Carol Law

by Festival Nomad Correspondent, Carol Law

The Parade…

The Kettleby Fair parade started even before the scheduled event, with all the Kettleby Fair goers, presenters, and entertainers parading from the farmer’s field “parking lot” down into the quaint town of Kettleby.

The organizers, easily identified in their red shirts and straw hats, have a well established mini school bus shuttle that is frequent and accommodating in where they will stop.

If you can get on the bus, you can take it into town! The Newmarket Citizens Band, of which I am a member, filled much of one run with the parade drums (mine) taking up most of the seats!

Getting to Kettleby…
The parking lot, which is set up in fields, is generously donated by a local farmer, who was actually out picking his crops as the crowds rolled in!

The view from this parking lot is stunning; you can see fields and forests for miles: quite possibly worth the trip just for this vista. As you stroll along the country side, toward town, trees start to line the road and you might wonder where the Kettleby Fair is.

Just a few corners and down a steep hill and you are in the Kettleby Fairgrounds. It is actually a lovely park to visit in any season.

The Village of Kettleby is nestled in the lush, rolling hills on the west side of York Region. The town is actually in a tiny valley created by a kettle lake from the glacier era.

Kettleby has a long history, dating back several hundred years and saw historic times such as the meetings for the Reil Rebellion!

Kettleby has a lovely, historic main street that is worth the walk – just remember you will have to take the hill eventually!

The Kettleby Fair celebrates the area’s heritage and brings community together to enjoy the start of the fall season.

Worth a Visit!
Kettleby is worth a visit both for its beautiful scenery and for its history, a history buff’s Mecca. Any time you are near highway 400 and the Lloydtown Sideroad or the King Sideroad (York Region), you aren’t far from a step back in time. As the Kettleby Fair sign says, “Google Kettleby”!

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