Port Perry Fair Visited
by Judi McWilliams (aka “Scoop” McWilliams)
“Photos taken during our visit to the Port Perry Fair.”

If a live, energetic fun filled family day at a country fair sounds intriguing … wait until you find out what the Port Perry Fair has to offer. If you have been to Port Perry you will know all about the quaint town. If you have already been to the Port Perry Fair you will already know about this quaint fair packed with entertainment and fun!



“Racing fans are ready for the race to start.”

The Port Perry Fair offers Harness Horse Racing,  with betting fun for all.



“Getting ready to race.”

We arrived in a field where the horses were being hitched up at their trailers and the jockeys were dressing in their racing gear.



“Ready to race!”

They had assistants helping hitching up and the hustle and bustle here was “fast and furious“!



“There’re off!”

The race started and the dust was flying!


“Who will win?”

We were able to take some great shots from “behind the scenes”.



“Picking up their winnings!”

The race was very exciting. People rush from the stands to collect their winnings and/or to bet on the next race. Everyone was having a great time!


“Exploring the rest of the fair.”

Reluctantly we move on from the action and found ourselves walking down a dirt path, past the many food vendors and buildings.



“Checking out the vendor booths”

For me, my favorite displays were the cattle, sheep, goats, horse and such.




Low wooden gates housed the majestic livestock, with the waiting cattle eager to be judged in the 4-H Dairy Show and Beef Show. Being that close to these animals, in a natural setting, was thrilling.


“4-H showing”

Activity was all around offering a great chance to snap some great close-up shots.


“The face of the Fair!”

Music drew us to a covered area with lots of seating. Here we watched in amazement as the “Outback Cloggers” entertained the crowds. Later that day “Tim Holland Puppet Tamer” entertained the kids and then we all enjoyed “Foggy Hogtown Boys” bluegrass band.



 Agricultural and Craft Demonstrations, an Agricultural Tent and the Women’s Institute Hospitality Corner added to the enjoyment of the day.

“Exploring the craft table.”

I checked out the floral displays. The roses looked and smelled amazing!


“Smelling the roses.”

The midway was located on the inner track and we waited with the crowds for a race to end until the gates opened to allow the visitors to pass through. Here much laughter and fun was all around.


“Fun food in the Midway!”

In in the infield I notice old cars on a trailer. It looks like they were ready for the night’s Demolition Derby! More FUN!


“Getting ready for the Demoltion Derby.”

The Festival Nomad (a.k.a. Gary) wondered off back to the grandstands to take in a few races and I ventured to the end of the track. I was surprised but delighted to find a spot right at the bend at the start/finish of the races. From my vantage point I could see the jockey rides still “hitching up” and got some amazing shots from the race. We had our “walkie talkies” with us and it was a great way to communicate. Gary was able to help me with the timing to get the great shots as he gave me the heads up to look at the right times. It also helped up stay “in touch” during the day as at times we were separated, as we often have different interests and wanted to watch different events.


This Labour Day Weekend was full of crowds now about to watch the evening “Demolition Derby” and then enjoy the sounds of “Riki Knox” and “Dallas Smith”. For us though, the day had drawn long and we headed home for the day. We hope to return next year to enjoy this very quaint  Port Perry Fair!


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