Rocklyn Fair

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

You’ve got to love quaint smaller fairs!

At least Scoop (Judi) and I do.

After all, they are the “heart” of Ontario rural communities!

Fortunately we have a number of smaller community fairs in our area.

One of our favourites is the Rocklyn Fair.

Rocklyn is a tiny hamlet, located southwest of Thornbury.

Being close is one reason we like this fair, but the main reason is that we know some of the fair’s amazing volunteers!

Even though it’s a small fair, the amount of year round work by the volunteers is awesome.

When you visit the fair, you can feel the warmth and…

intimacy of the event!

It’s like a Family Reunion!

People eagerly greeting one another…

… laughing, telling stories!

It’s definitely a “family” affair… kids, dogs, rabbits, sheep… all adding to the charm of the fair!

And then there is the Apple Pie baking contest!

Politicians from around the Globe (well, maybe just the area) vi to create the BEST Apple Pie.

The action is fierce as each “baker” labours to finish their “creation“!

At the end of the “bake off“, there’s “flour” on both the “bakers” and the floor.

There is also laughter and “back slapping” for a job well done. The pies then go off to be baked and then auctioned off, money for the community.

Below is our video about the Rocklyn Fair.

Here I am speaking with Fran, one of the organizers of the Apple Pie Baking contest. She’s trying to convince me to enter the contest. I’m no politician or baker, but…