Schomberg Spring Fair


by Festival Nomad “Scoop” Correspondent, Judi McWilliams

Combining Pleasure with Pleasure…
It’s always nice when I can combine a trip to an event and visit with my “older” sister from Newmarket, Carol! That’s exactly what happened on a sunny Saturday in May, when the Festival “Nomad” and I decided to take in the Schomberg Spring Fair.

It was perfect because Schomberg is only about a 20 minute drive west of Newmarket. To make the trip seem even more special, I worked the evening before we left, making a fabulous picnic lunch.

Early Saturday morning I dragged the Nomad out of bed and we started north to Newmarket. Much to our surprise, when we arrived at Carol’s home we were “barricaded” by “x’s” blocking the stairway to her door. These “x’s” turned out to be 2 crossed “walking sticks” decorated with two large bows. These “walking sticks” have turned out to the Festival Nomad’s and my favourite exercise tool and we have a lot of fun with them.

 After a short reunion, we jumped into the car and were on our way for the short drive to the Schomberg Spring Fair.

Off to the Fair…
As Carol had been to Schomberg on many occasions, we easily made our way to downtown Schomberg. The Nomad and I had never been there before, so we took the time to drive through this quaint village to get a feel of our surroundings.

Much to our surprise and delight, we were able to obtain a fantastic parking spot. It was directly across the street from the main entrance to the Schomberg Spring Fair. We made our way at the beautiful stone gate entrance, paid the admission fee and made our way into the fair grounds.

Carol and I had not been to a fair together since we were muchyounger”. I was wondering if we still had the same interests? It didn’t take long to discover that she still had her amazing sense of humour and that she still loved the same special things about traditional fairs!

We ventured left to start with and ended up at the “pig pen”. This modern facility housed a “ginormous” (REALLY BIG) pig. The picture in this article shows a great reflection photo of the Festival Nomad and me through the large window of the “pig pen”.

And, as I mentioned to you about my sisters great sense of humour, a great photo for our “family tree”!

More Animals…
We spent quite a bit of time exploring the tent that housed the poultry animals and the rabbits. I had never seen such a sight as the judging and examination of the bunnies! It amazed me that the bunnies stayed in the open boxes, while waiting their turn to be judged!

There was a very old barn housing livestock that brought back fond memories of time spent with my grandmother’s farm animals and of the hay in her barn.

On our wonders back to the starting gate of the Schomberg Spring Fair we passed many other attractions, midway rides, pony rides, booths, and such.

We stopped at the centre stage where the judging for the “Dog Competition” was about to begin. The smaller dogs were up first and they didn’t seem to be interested to standing around, waiting to be judged, especially in the heat of the day!

We decided to move along. We were also feeling the heat of the day! Our continued journeyed took us to watch goat judging. We stopped to watch for a few moments. This, too, was interesting to watch.

Arts and Crafts Building…
On our way to the main building to see all the “Schomberg Spring Fair Competition Displays”, we saw two blacksmiths working diligently on a project. Once we entered the main building, we were instantly relived from the outside heat by the cool building!

This is where, for me, the magic really happens, the arts and crafts building! Carol and I were truly transported through time and became passionately absorbed by all the wonderful displays of “Fair” activities, from art competitions, to artwork, school penmanship, antique displays, horticultural displays, baked goods, and floral displays…you name it…they had it! There was even a wonderful large display of period dresses and outfits celebrating the history of Canadian Women through time.

It was at this point that I think we “lost” the Festival Nomad! Carol and I found ourselves wondering, talking, wondering, talking so much, that we eventually found ourselves off the fairgrounds and back into the downtown area of Schomberg! Here we spent time “drooling” over the treats and delights at the local British tea shop. Suddenly we realized that the Nomad was no where in sight! Oh well, we thought, he will eventually find us! We continued wondering and talking!

Time meant nothing! Finally, the Festival Nomad found us and brought us back to our senses. By this time, it was getting on in the day. We decided to take our leave from Schomberg and head to Fairy Lake in Newmarket. This was where we were going to enjoy the “fabulous” picnic lunch that I had prepared. The Schomberg Spring Fair brought back a lot of wonderful memories for both Carol and me!

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