Sutton Fair & Horse Show
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)
“Photos taken at our visit to the Sutton Fair & Horse Show.”

With Sutton being so close to Newmarket, we decided to include Festival Nomad Correspondent Extraordinary, Carol Law, in our journey today! Carol had performed with the Newmarket Citizens Band in Sutton before, so she knew some of the back roads to get us there. We found a great parking spot right near the entrance of the Sutton Fair & Horse Show.



“Goodies galore!”

Our first stop was to explore the Fair’s Homecraft exhibits. It is amazing what fair particpates make and produce. My mouth watered as we passed the baked goods! 


“Reptile exhibit”

One of the feature attractions when we visited the Sutton Fair was the “Zoo to You” reptile display. They arrange to bring a sampling of reptile animals’ and small critters to your home, school, party, etc. We found it odd to see this at a “fair“, but it was an added bonus as it was exciting to see. The “alligator” floating in the clear glass create gave an opportunity to see it fully from all side and we got some great “shots” of it. Turtles and rabbits added to the interesting display and all the kids seemed excited also.


“At rest!”

The Sutton Fair & Horse Show has a rustic feeling and a large part of the sheep competition and cattle competitions were located in a forest tree lined area. 



“Taking care”

The show rings offered seating on simple benches all around the perimeter of these areas. We could get up close to watch and walk along the rows of wooden stalls where sheep were waiting their turn to showing. A large building held the cattle in neat rows. Grooming was going on frantically as show time was near. We found a tree to lean on to watch the 4-H kids show their cattle.



“Entering the ring”

The MC, judge, was very interactive with these youngsters telling them points about their prize cows. As we stood at the railing watching the 4-H member’s parade and display their charges, I was able to talk to an enthusiastic mother whose daughter was proudly showing off her calf. As we stood there, I asked the mother if they had many cows on their farm. She told me that they did not live on a farm but in a city. The daughter was so interested in farming that she joined the local 4-H club. As a result of her membership she was able to learn about farming, how to groom a calf, and how to show in competitions.



“The judge!”

It was interesting to learn that you could participate in the 4-H Club without being a “farmer” or without owning your own animals. We walked around further to watch the Junior Horse Show (Trailblazers). These were novice class kids who also were new at it, but, looked the part in confidence with their great outfits, and huge smiles of joy on their faces.




 After watching the 4-H Cattle Show and Competition, we wandered over to where the farm animals were kept.


“Laying low”

There were lots of different kinds of farm animals, pigs, horses, cows, sheep and goats.


“Eating hay”

Frankly, I love horses! When I was youger I would go to the local riding stable just to look at their beautiful horses. The older I get the more I am amazed at these wonderful animals. So it’s no surprise that Judi and I visit lots of events where horses are featured.

“Riding in the ring”

The Sutton Fair featured a number of unique attractions. For the kids, ponys rides and for adults (and kids) a camel ride!

“Camel ride”

Back in the Homecraft area I discovered a unique “animal“? KInd of… it was a “dog(I think) made up of “Coke cans” and “duck tape“. Someone has an “interesting” imagination! FUN!

“A COKE Dog!”

As we walked the fairgrounds, we enjoy the live music at the Entertainment Pavillion.

“Enjoying the music”

Sutton Fair visitors were entertained by “Circus Jonathon“, one of the many fair attractions.

Sutton Fair entertainment”

The Midway was crowded with fair visitors looking for “thrill” rides. Judging from the “yells” and “laughter” they weren’t disappointed!

“Fun rides in the Midway”

The Sutton Fair & Horse Show offers visitors so much. Our “Adventure Article” highlights only a few of the many offerings. Make sure you mark your calendar with the Sutton Fair’s date. You will be glad you did!


“Carol Law with the Festival Nomad”

We were glad Festival Nomad Correspondent, Carol Law, went with us, as she always sees amazing things that we might have otherwise have missed. It’s always more fun with family and friends.

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